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 +====== Interesting Items ======
 +===== Wozboot 13 =====
 +{{ :​wozboot_13.nib.gz |This disk}} image (.nib format) contains a "DOS 3.2 System Master"​ dated 3/​21/​1990. ​ The most interesting thing on here is an Integer Basic program called "​WOZBOOT 13" that claims to have been written by Woz himself.
 +I have not been able to get the disk to boot in any emulator, but I was able to MUFFIN the file to DOS 3.3 in Virtual ][.
 +The other curiosity is... who would create a pretend/​updated DOS 3.2 master disk in 1990?  Well, based on the writing on the disk and other hints, that'd be 13-year-old me.  I guess I didn't have much going on that year.