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LC //e Card - Memory / Firmware Notes

The //e Card has 256K of memory. Of this, 128K is allocated as the Apple //e's main memory. I have determined that another 64K is used to store 3 firmware banks plus the $C800 code associated with the 5.25 drive code. I believe that at least part of the remaining 64K is used for the $C800 space of the remaining “cards”, and probably at least some of it is used to move data back and forth between the //e and the host Macintosh.

See this page for information on where the firmware is loaded from and this page for bank switching I/O locations.

Among the special things about the firmware:

  • Like the //c and IIgs, the 5.25 boot ROM can fail over to the next slot, rather than sit forever with the drive spinning.
  • The “Apple //e” title screen includes a copyright notice like the IIgs does.