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Other Apple II AppleShare/AppleTalk Updates

These were produced with the assistance of John Brooks.

ATINIT 1.4d3 and LOGON 1.5

These were derived from original Apple code as part of GS/OS 6.0.1, with no modifications by me.

The changes listed here were annotated by Apple employees at the time.

Changes for ATINIT (since 1.3):

  • Printer flag byte now correctly retrieved from end of ATINIT file.
  • Card scan continues when unknown cards identifying as AppleTalk devices are seen.
  • No longer report card failed when the diags are still running (affects fast machines that can get ATINIT loaded and running before the diags complete).

Changes for LOGON relevant to the ProDOS 8 build of it: (since 1.1)

  • Volume password check fixed.
  • Volume lists are sorted and support keyboard navigation.
  • Minor changes in retries, retry intervals, and zone lookups in network calls.
  • Don't require a user volume to be mounted.
  • Card scan changes to match above ATINIT changes in the case of the boot blocks version.
  • Checks for error from GetInfo and displays alert if there is one.
  • Added “Looking for AppleTalk zones” message.

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